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    I have a WordPress blog hosted through my university and I’m attempting to transfer my posts and comments from there to my new blog here at The only export/import option that seems to work the best for this is the “Movable Type” feature, but I’m having some problems with that.

    It seems that every post that has multiple comments that I try to import gets all screwy. For some reason, it breaks up the file into two separate posts: the original with one comment and the other comment as its own post. (this second one doesn’t actually even have any text).

    Some imported posts even lack the comments altogether (I went ahead and just deleted all the other imported posts and left the one, well, two that are above).

    I’ve gone as far as to create a separate import file for each post and its comment(s), messed around with the “Assign Authors” part, and just about everything else I could think of.

    Anyone know how what’s going on here and how I can import posts with their attached comments? If I can even just move comments and attach them to one post I’ll settle for that. I hope all that I’ve said makes enough sense for you people.

    (and if I screwed up on the html for my links, I apologize, I’m a little tire)





    I figured it out and it was WAAAAY too simple, considering the time I put into figuring this out.

    I had to save the .txt file as UTF-8 instead of ISO-8859-1 (or my text editor’s default ANSI). I also had to go through the files and make sure there was only one space between the comments and that the space was filled with “—–“

    I’m going to try this with all the posts and hopefully not have anymore problems!

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