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Move an existing site to WordPress hosting

  1. I have a fully functioning website that was designed with a woo theme but it's too complicated for me to make changes with the ftp upload and all that...

    I have since registered other domains through WordPress and it has been very easy to update and understand. So although most people move away from WordPress hosting, I want to move to it and simplify my theme in the process, if possible.

    I have searched online and cant find any resources that explain how to do this. Please help.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds like you want to import:

  3. Does this help?

    If you are going to continue to use your domain here on, you'll need to purchase the domain mapping upgrade. and note especially the "Important Notes Before Upgrading" section.

    (Completely OT, but why is your username linked to a car agency? If you need to ask for help in the forums, it would be best to link it to your primary site.)

  4. You might also review the Terms of Service before you move - as the rules here are way different that on a self hosted site.:

  5. And you will need to review what you really want. If you want to simplify dealing with your theme, this is a great place because basically, you can't tinker with the theme at all unless you buy the CSS upgrade and know how to edit CSS already. But if theme tinkering is what you want to do, you're better off staying where you are.

  6. Wow- y'all are fast! Thanks.

    Geez. Looks like I have a lot of research to do.

    The fact that it's currently a wordpress theme should help though right? Or doesn't matter?

    Thanks again. I'll start snooping around those links.

  7. Here's a link to the themes we can use on with the understanding that we do not have access to or can change the underlying PHP or HTML

  8. Yep- I have a few blogs on wordpress now and I know those themes are really easy to use. My issue is that my whole site is at and it's an ordeal to make some design or bigger changes.

    I used one of the links to find this below. But again- since it's a woo-theme and a wordpress back-end, can I just scootch it on over to let wordpress host it, and make having the latest version not be such an ordeal.

    I really appreciate your help.

    This is what confuses me -->

    Don’t See a Specific Importer for Your Blog’s Service?
    If we do not have an importing tool for your particular platform, you will need to try and convert it into one of the accepted formats so that you can use the proper importer. This means you first convert your blog to one of the services mentioned above (such as Blogger), and then import your blog from Blogger to

  9. If you have a WordPress blog, you'll be fine importing it, but possibly NOT able to change it the way you want. Exactly what changes do you want to make to the existing theme?

    Blogging at is easy. Changing the way the theme works is NOT easy, and some changes are not even possible.

  10. Right. I don't need the site to look the way it does, I just need to be able to change the home page and I've really been struggling with that.

    Although I've uploaded a new graphic and link for the banner ad, the old link is still showing up and the graphic is missing. I thought I updated it right there last time.

    Now I've realized that I don't have access to the "Groovy Video" Woo Theme because the guys who set up my site installed it. I don't wanna pay for it again- but maybe that's the easiest option...

  11. You've overlooked a key point. We can't upload external themes to We can choose one of the over 150 themes that appear in the Theme Showcase and that's it. Any customization via CSS needs to be done to one of those themes.

    Perhaps you should add this to your reading list before you make any decision., WordPress, and

  12. When you say you just want to be able to change the home page, we have to ask WHAT on the home page do you want to change? Some things can be changed here, some can't.

    Advertising is BANNED here.

    You cannot add WooThemes here. You ONLY have the themes available on the list Jennifer gave you.

  13. Ok- thanks for clearing that up. I'll search for another work-around.

    Thanks to everyone.

  14. @jenknoedl
    Thanks so much, in advance, for entering the original post you made to create this thread and marking this thread as "resolved".

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