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    currently my articles are directed to a static page and another page is the start page.
    No I’ve chenged my mind and I want my articles beeing displayd first, ie. as the start page.
    BUT – if I confige the static article page to be the start page, too, a warning is displayed (“shouldn’t be the same”) and it does nt work – the article page is not displayed at all – neither at start nor directly via menu.
    If I change it back to display another page as start, the articles are there again as content of the static article page.

    How can I move my current articles to the non-static “current articles” start page?


    The blog I need help with is



    Your posts (articles) are on this page and is accessible by clicking on the link in the horizontal menu. That posts on that page are also displayed in in the RSS feed >
    Your front page is and is titled “About”.



    Thanks, timethief.
    You described the current situation correctly.
    But – I want to change that! I want to have the articles on my front page. The problem is (as I tried to describe above), that when I configure the articles page “logbuch” to be displayed as frontpage, a warning shows up on my dashboard and it DOES NOT WORK. Thats why I changed it back in the current mode.
    I tried to set the front page to “your articles page” – but then this front page is empty!!
    I hope that I was able to describe my problem more precise than in my original post.


    Settings > Reading > “Front Page displays”: click “Your latest posts”, click Save Changes.



    That’ll do it. :)



    Now it works exactly as I wanted it – thanks to all!
    My problem was, that I was confused by the fact, that my pevious “logbuch” page was empty as soon as I configured the front page to “latest posts”. But in fact my posts are not lost but are displayed no on the home page. I removed the old “logbuch” page and now I like it :-))
    Best regards,


    You’re welcome.

    Yes, that’s it: when you set static page A as your front and static page B as your posts page, then B becomes a link to your latest posts. When you set your front to display your latest posts, page B reverts to being a simple static page.

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