Move blog subscribers, comments and likes?

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    Can you help me move my blog subscibers from my blog to my blog? I’ve already mapped the domain.



    Also another question is – since I’ve mapped my blog to my blog do my posts still get promoted on



    I’m so confused, when I go to (my blog) from my ipad, I see my blog, but when I go to from my computer I see my blog.

    the whole point of my mapping my domain was so that I could stop running two blogs – what did I do wrong?

    I would like to only do one post with the features of and have it posted on and transfer all the likes, comments and follows I have gotten from my blog to that.

    Before I was posting the same exact blog post on both blogs because I noticed my blog was getting likes and follows, but I wanted a blog to be able to have a custom domain – is there anyway to have a blog and still have it promoted on wordpress?

    I must be doing something totally wrong right?



    Hi bbmeep: let’s handle some confusion!

    First, your desire to consolidate everything to a single installation can definitely be done. It’s easy to Export your content, and we also have a document for Moving a Blog. And, if you’d rather have an expert sweat the details, we sell a Guided Transfer service.

    Now, the thing that confuses me a bit is that the domain does not exist. I see that you managed to make a Jetpack connection with it yesterday, but it doesn’t currently exist. Did you cancel the domain with your registrar? Also, is there any reason why you wouldn’t want to just use your already-registered domain with your installation?

    Finally, after migrating all your subscribers, yes, they (and any new subscribers) will continue to see your new content in the Reader just like they are right now. You wouldn’t, however, be eligible for Freshly Pressed any longer.

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