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  1. I want to move my old blog at ( to a new I found a site where they described how to do it. There they wrote that, in the import-list, it should be a "import from rss" but I can't find it.

    How should I do to get my posts to wordpress?

  2. what is your blog platform before?

  3. RSS import is for a WordPress.ORG install (see the difference below). This is WordPress.COM. Above my pay-grade for the full solution but you might be stuck exporting to a third party then importing here.

    Does your current host offer some sort of Export feature?

    RSS imports are not allowed here I think because that is a favorite way for Splogs (Spam Blogs) to import content.

    Some of the other helpers have more experience with the import process and hopefully they will pitch in with some more ideas.

    For more on the difference:

  4. Before I blogged on the swedish blog platform, but it's pretty limited (here is my blog, if that can help anyone to help me:

    No, doesn't offer an export feature. But I have found some sites that can do it in other ways, but then you need the RSS imports, I didn't understand that it was just for the, though.

    Thank you for your try, I would be very thankful if someone is able to help me!

  5. We may be able to work something out for you.

    Please contact us via and file a private request (if the option presents itself).

  6. Thanks @macmanx

    @hornshop - think about using a Contact Form to keep your email from the spammers.

  7. Thank you very much, macmanx! I will do that and I hope they'll work it out.

    Auxclass: sorry, but I don't really understand where I should use the Contact Form. I've already tried them in my current little "shop", and I use them. They are really good!

  8. You have a "Kontakt" Page - put the contact form on that page in place of your email. The form has a lot of options but you can probably use the stock form.

    I use the contact form on my site in a couple of places, I put the contact form on a separate page - then I link to that page from several places on my site.

  9. Auxclass: That's a good idea. Thank you!

  10. You be welcome & good luck

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