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Move Categories

  1. How can I move my categories? There always in alphabetical order but I need to move them, how do I do it?

  2. Alex

    What do you mean by "Move"? re-arrange the order of the categories in the sidebar widget?

  3. yes, its just all of my links

  4. Depends on how you want them lists. Easiest method would probably to copy the html out of the category listing and copy it into a text widget in teh order that you want them in.

  5. How do we paste the html in to a text widget?


  6. @framesblog
    In answer to your question: You click on the white corner with the blue bar on the text widget and it opens. You then paste the html into it. Lastly, you click "Save Changes".

    By reading this thread from the FAQs you may glean some more help

    It's also important to know that whether you use a text widget or a page, neither one will automatically update like the Categories widget does. You will have to enter each new entry manually.

    And if you do not like the alphabetical ordering of categories then you can insert a number in front of each one to get the order you prefer. Here's an example:
    1 Zebras
    2 Elephants
    3 Aardvarks

  7. Hi timethief, thanks a lot for the response but I'm a bit confused. This is my first day on WordPress. What I'm basically looking for is to have Categories arranged like the way I have in on the side bar.

    Here is what I've done so far at WordPress:

    1. I moved the 'Links' from the 'Available Widgets' to Sidebar 1.
    2. By default it was a BlogRoll with two links.
    3. I went in to 'BlogRoll' and clicked on Add 'Links'. In this page, I created couple of categories and links relating to them.

    Now, I'd like to have my 'Categories' in the 'Links' to be re-arranged (not in alphabetical order).

    How do I go about it?
    Thanks so much in advance.


  8. I believe this matter was resolved. Please refer to

  9. It's resolved. I had posted the question in link timethief posted above.

  10. And I followed up as I believe it is doable.

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