Move Comments To Different Post?

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    Some of my readers are leaving comments in the post below the intended one. Can I move the comment to the corrrect post? Does anyone know how to do this?




    You can. Go to manage>comments. Click on the commener’s name to edit it. Cut then paste where it should be.


    Hi ellaella, I just logged on to get a response to the same question. I tried what you mentioned about cutting and pasting, but need more specifics. If I just paste their comment into a different post/comment section, won’t it look like I wrote it? How do I keep their info with it?

    Conversely, is there a way to move the comments section to the end of the post like most blogs so that this doesn’t happen? (I imagine this is a no depending on your theme.)




    You have to log out and then paste the comment back in using the original commenter’s info. No, there is no way to move comments.


    Thank you!

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