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Move existing posts to new category without 'republishing'?

  1. wordwatchtowers

    Hi - I have checked the forums etc, but cannot find out what exactly happens if you move existing posts from an existing category into a newly created category - would they be automatically be sent out to subscribers as a 'new post' or is there any way to prevent this happening? Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't really "move" it at all, so no, it doesn't do anything to the RSS feed except if someone is subscribed to the RSS feed of a particular category, in which case it will show up there.

  3. wordwatchtowers

    Hi Raincoaster - thanks for that - so do I just go to an existing post, save it in a newly created category, and then delete the existing post? Thanks very much.x

  4. "Save it in a newly created category?"

    I don't understand that. You untick the category you don't want it in (if any) and you tick or type in the category you want it in. Then you hit UPdate.

  5. so do I just go to an existing post, save it in a newly created category, and then delete the existing post? You just add the new category to that (those) post(s) and delete the old category. You do NOT delete the post itself, only the category.

  6. wordwatchtowers

    Thanks for taking the time to assist me.

    husdal - I don't want to delete the old category. I have too much stuff in one category, and some of the posts in there need to go into another category which I have yet to create. I think I will achieve this if I follow raincoaster's instruction? Thanks so much.x

  7. There is no such thing as "too much stuff in one category." Why do you think it's a zero-sum game? My posts typically have about 10 categories EACH.

  8. wordwatchtowers

    Hi Raincoaster - do you mean you post stuff in more than one category?

  9. Yes, just look at my blog. You can use up to ten per post with no risk of getting booted off the Global Tag Pages. More than that and you're walking on thin ice.

  10. wordwatchtowers

    Thanks for your patience, raincoaster - I'll do the same.x

  11. You're welcome. We all had to learn this stuff once.

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