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Move my title to the Top of the page

  1. kvindeliginvest

    I need some help to move my title to the top so that it doesn't coincide with the image. I tried to change the header in CSS but without any luck. Can you please help?
    my webpage is called:
    Regards Linh

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi Linh,
    You can change your CSS header values to.

    .header {
        margin: 117px 0;

    This will move your menu and header back inline with your header image.

    If you would like the text to appear in the white part of your image for easy reading, just add the following CSS values

    .container {
        height: 330px;

    You would have to reduce your header to

    .header {
        margin: 80px 0;

    Hope this is will sort you out.☺

  3. kvindeliginvest

    Hi Zatzer,

    thank you so much for replying. I tried to change the .header { margin: 80 px 0; } and added the container.

    It just looks as if I also need to move my menu down. Can you help me with that?

    Thank you.

  4. Yes the container height must be 330px to allign the menu to the bottom of your image
    Here us the CSS for the container

    `.container {
    height: 330px;

  5. kvindeliginvest

    I already posted it in my style.css but it somehow doesn't have any effect.

    .container {
    height: 330 px;

  6. Hi there, lets go for the following options

    .header {
        margin: 70px 0;


    .navbar {
        margin-top: 98px;

    Hope this helps☺

  7. kvindeliginvest

    Thank you Zazter. I also tried that one. But it doesn't help. I wonder if I'm doing it correctly. I just copy and pasted it into the style.css.

  8. I just saw now that you have a self-hosted version of WordPress the best place to find support for self-hosted WordPress sites is at
    You read more about the difference between .com and .org "here"
    But in short, after you have logged into your dashboard go to "Appearance > Editor > and look for the stylesheet.css. You might find it on the righthand side at the bottom, scroll down.
    Select it and look for the ".container " and there you can add this,
    height: 333 px;

    Hope this will help you out.☺

  9. Hi @kvindeliginvest, there is a dedicated Serenti theme support forum at where you an post your questions.

    I did take a quick look at your site and the location of the title and tagline, and the height of the header image area are controlled by a top and bottom margin on the .header div. It has 160px top and bottom. The following reduces the top margin and increases the bottom margin to keep a total of 320px so the header area stays the same size.

    .header {
    	margin-top: 50px;
    	margin-bottom: 270px;

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