Move or reduce size of Post Format box for each post

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    Hullo, am very new to blogging, so please forgive me if my question has missed something obvious.

    I’m using the Zoren theme, not really posted anything yet but there is a test post at

    Basically, I would like either to move the whole Post Format box (with the Posted By, Posted On, etc) to the bottom of each post, or substantially reduce its visual impact (by reducing the height of blank space above and below the contents of the box, and also by shrinking the font/image size).

    Is there any way to achieve that?


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there, you can reduce the top and bottom padding for the meta section by editing the first and last values in the following. The center value is the left/right padding. Perhaps something like 20px 40px 0px.

    .entry-meta {
        padding: 40px 40px 20px;

    Moving the meta section to below the post is difficult on a responsive width theme such as you are using since the meta box changes height and configuration depending on the width of the browser window or device it is being viewed on, and can vary in length and configuration depending on how many categories a post has (and how long your post is). Narrow and widen your browser window to see what happens. When you narrow it way down, you will see that the elements in the meta stack vertically. To move the meta down below the post requires the use of position: absolute which means that element floats above all other elements and no longer flows in relationship to the other elements in the page.



    Many thanks for the code and the explanations, that does exactly what I am looking for.


    You are welcome.

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