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Move or remove the search box?

  1. How can I move the search box over to the left column where the archives are? Or remove it all together? Or even move it to the right side of the header?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Also, there are duplicate bullets for the links and the author info is outside the box?

  3. I'm assuming you mean move the search box over to the RIGHT column where the archives are. Add the following declarations to #topsearch in your CSS


    To fix the metadata stuff, change the width in .post-meta li to 145px.

  4. If you wanted to completely remove the search box, then add display:none; to #topsearch instead of the repositioning stuff I gave above.

  5. Thank you very much, now to find out why there are duplicate bullets.

  6. Did you copy the existing stylesheet into the CSS editor? This is a bad move. You should add only the changes you make to the CSS and check the "add to existing stylesheet" box. This might fix your problem.


  7. @mymomenta
    Following up on what hallluke has said please read this post >

  8. @thesacredpath. I'm having some trouble adding your code to my Edit CSS and having it work. The original code doesn't contain 'Topsearch' but does contain 'searchform, searchformheader, searchbox, etc. How can I apply your code and move the search box? Any additional info needed, please let me know and I'll supply toot sweet.

  9. You're using an entirely different theme. CSS is theme specific.

    In Structure, the search box is controlled by .headerright

  10. Thanks for your help, @thesacredpath!

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