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Move post from Home page to new page

  1. I'm using this blog to document my C & G course so I want separate pages for each Module. I imported posts from Blogger but they appeared on my Home Page can I move them from there to the page I've set up for Module 1 or are they stuck on my Home page.

  2. Do you have a link to your blog? It's easier to work out what you mean if we can see it for ourselves.

    You only have one blog-page on WordPress, though; that is, one page which constantly shows your posts. If you wanted to you could create separate static pages and paste your previous posts into them.

    You could also assign your posts unique tags ("module1", etc.) and then those posts would appear on . You could link to those categories in a text widget; to everyone they'd appear the same as blog-pages. That's probably the closest answer to what you want.

  3. Posts will only appear on the home page. To put them on another page, you will have to cut and paste and they will not be dynamic. Another way would be to assign categories to each post (module 1, 2, etc.) and then make a static home page (and set it as the main page in the dashboard) with links to the individual categories (module 1, 2, etc). In other words, you would list them on the static main page and when someone clicked on module 1, it would take them to the archive page with only module 1 posts on it.

  4. Thanks for the help. I thought you could have different pages for different subjects and post to them. I understand now that when you write a post it is to the home page.

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