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    I would like to move the content from one blog to another.


    I have found a FAQ ( that explains about moving posts. That is export From blog and import To blog. The posts have quite a few snapshots, so I would like to confirm what that last sentence in the FAQ means.

    “This does not move any pictures or other uploads though – you have to do that manually unless you are keeping the old blog in which case the links will still work.”

    I am keeping the From blog. So according to the FAQ this means that the pictures will still show up, just that they are within the From or previous blog?

    And, is it ok to have the same content in two different blogs momentarily, while I check that the To blog has collected (imported) all the content ok?

    Also, do I manually copy over the content from pages (e.g. About page), i.e. using cut and paste?



    There’s no problem with duplicate content.
    Pages must be manually copied and pasted.



    There’s no problem with duplicate content.

    Um, no. There’s a huge problem with dupe content and it is against the ToS. “Original content” and all that.

    Best bet would be to send this question in via feedback and explain to staff what is occuring. We can’t make policy statements here in the forums as we’re just volenteers and have no offical status.



    Thankyou for your help in confirming my approach from a technical point of view.

    Thankyou for making me aware of any policy issues that need staff feedback.

    I’ll send in my question via feedback. Thanks again, both of you.



    Not a problem. :)

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