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Move replies from a post to post

  1. If someone make a reply about a post in another one (by mistake) can I move it to the correct one ?

  2. Yes you can relocate it from the wrong post to the correct one and then delete it from the first post. Sadly the only way of doing so is manually - a copy and paste job.

  3. A copy & paste will make them looks like my own replies , right ?!

    Anyway thanks :)

  4. Yes it will look like your own comment at first.
    But the good news is that then you can "edit".
    And you can change the information to that of the actual commenter's.
    VOILA! Isn't that cool?

  5. No, if you log-out before pasting. : )

  6. TT you're too fast!

  7. Yes, you logout, so your avatar don't show, then paste it and then login again to edit the info with the commenter email, name, etc.

  8. @millaq
    The word "fast" when applied to a lady is not a compliment ... rotflol :D

    millaq is right - log out first = no avatar

  9. Ooops, sorry, Lady. Excuse my lousy English.... You know what I meant! ; )

  10. Yes, I know what you meant ... lol ;)

  11. : )

  12. @msayed2004
    I aplogize for the comic relief. We have not forgotten you.
    If you need more help then please post again.

  13. Never mind , it is a funny topic now , ROFL !

    And now I know how to do it , Resolved :D

  14. Goodbye and happing blogging. ;)

  15. Hi! msayed2004

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