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Move sidebars around

  1. Hi folks, I am trying to stick my sidebars next to one another so It would look like...

    main content>sidebar>sidebar2 (I think) I want to move the sidebar that is far left to the far right.

    The site in question is here

    sorry, my programmer is not currently available or I would simply have him fix it ;)

    I am no programmer but I can get around the files ok and follow instructions.

    thanks much
    Nigel Lew

    Note: I tried floating some stuff left as suggested by someone elsewhere but it broke everything.

  2. That's not a site, so we won't be able to help you. You need to be asking over at, as our software works differently here.

  3. K, sorry about that...


  4. Hey, I'm wondering the same but for my WP blog.
    I want the sidebar to be on the left side of the blogcontent, anyone knows the code for it?

  5. @mathel,

    please don't ask the same question twice

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