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    Is it possible to move Subscribers from a (hosted by WordPress) to (self hosted) site and if so how do I do it?



    The blog I need help with is



    You need to install the jetpack Plug-in then request the staff to move your subscribers to your new site – the staff will also need to know the URL where you moved to.

    I will flag this for staff attention to help.


    Hi Auxclass,

    I have installed the Jetpack plug-in. But you are saying there is no way for us to do the transfer.

    Which staff are you referring too, is that wordpress staff and if so how do I contact them?

    Thank you



    Which blogs are you moving subscribers from/to?


    I am trying to move the subscribers from

    to which is a

    Wh do you ask Mac?



    Because I need to know in order to move them for you, which I have just done. :)

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!


    Oh cool, Thx Mac!

    Now each of them are going to see the new blog?

    And where do I see the subscribers who were transferred?




    Yes, all of the email subscribers will receive the new posts via email.

    You should be able to see a list of them via a link in the lower-left corner of your site stats.


    Good morning Mac,

    I see only 10 transferred over I thought there was 25+ especially I received e-mails just recently of blogs following me.

    I have a question Mac,

    I noticed in blogs would follow and they would receive e-mails of new posts.

    How does that work with because looking at the console and stats and then looking at Jetpacks site stats they seem different in this aspect.

    I am very new to and just want to make sure I am not setting up things wrong and/or missing something.

    Thanks Mac for your help.




    The Reader only supports blogs, so only your email subscribers were transferred.

    Email subscribers will still receive emails of your posts, and you can get new subscribers by adding the Follow widget to your blog from Appearance -> Widgets in your blog’s Dashboard.


    Thanks Mac,

    That helps



    You’re welcome!


    Hi Mac,

    I tried exporting from to (

    I exported from and then tried to import to and I received numerous of failures.

    I was wondering what it could be?



    Unfortunately, we really can’t help with the end of things. I recommend asking at



    Excellent, they should be able to help you over there.


    Hi Mac,

    After the transfer from to (

    I have been receiving comment notifications but when I click on “Approve” it is going to my old site vs. coming to

    Here is the message below

    New pingback waiting approval on Brandon Krieger

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    That would mean that the pingbacks are being left on your old blog, not the new blog.


    Hi Mac,

    Does this need to be fixed?

    If so how do I fix it?

    Thanks Mac



    Well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be fixed. You have two separate blogs, and

    You can redirect your blog to your self-hosted blog with a Site Redirect upgrade, but you will need to change the permalink structure on your self-hosted blog to the “Day and name” structure for the redirect to work properly.

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