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move the category menu

  1. Hello,

    i try to move my category menu under the contact menu, currently the "category" menu is only visible on my contact page, maybe at present this menu is hide under the home?

    Any ideas?

    thanks for your great support !

    The blog I need help with is

  2. .widget-area {
    margin:-550px 855px 0;

    .widget-title {

    With this code, it works ! I am getting handly with CSS (thanks firebug !)
    But i still don't know why i can't see the category menu on my home home page, and how to put the text (architectural pattern and miscellaneous) in grey.

    Here i am !

  3. The AutoFocus theme has made the design choice not to display widgets on the home page, and that's why you don't see the categories widget you added on your Appearance → Widgets page on your home page.

    It sounds to me like adding categories using the custom menu options might work out better for you. Here is a help page showing how to do it:

  4. Thank you very much designsimply !

  5. Cheers :)

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