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    Hi, I’ve just changed themes to Bouquet (from Chateau) to get the added text width in posts. But I would like to move my Leave comment button from the bottom of the posts to the side tab where the date is. Or to just below each post heading.
    I have combed the internet and the support forums here on WordPress without any success. I do have the Custom Design upgrade kit.
    (Or if it’s simpler, how can I go back to Chateau and widen the post section, narrowing the side date/tag column?)
    Christina @

    The blog I need help with is


    This can be done, but not cleanly. We have to use position: absolute; on the comment link, and that means that it will not flow and adjust with the other content, in this case, the post title. If you position it for a post title with only one line and then have a post with a two-line title, the title will overrun the comment link. If you position for a two-line title, then you end up with a bunch of extra white space between the title and the comment link when it is only one line. The following is optimized for a two-line post title. Preview it and scroll around to see what it looks like with one and two line titles.

    .comments-link {
        position: absolute;
        top: 90px;
    .entry-content {
        margin-top: 4em;


    Thank you very much, this works fine for me, as I try to keep my titles short anyway.


    You are welcome.

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