Move widget: Column 1 to column 2?

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    hi, anyone got an idea of how i can move a widget from one column to another, without deleting and recreating it? thanks :)


    Drag it with your mouse



    i wish! trouble is… (i am using digg 3 column) sidebar widgets are listed one at a time (column 1, or 2), when editing. at some point in recent weeks, i believe the interface changed?

    thanks again…


    Sorries, only have one column and haven’t toyed with two columned theme since the switch. But be patient, someone will have the answer. I just know that I can drag in the one column theme.



    Its not possible to drag them around now I believe (since the new Dashboard). Before you remove it from column 1, you need to copy and paste the text somewhere, then you recreate it in column 2. Theres no other way at the moment…I mean, not that Im aware of, since the widgets thingy has changed that is…


    I’ve been having trouble copying/pasting from within widgets. But what I’ve been doing is copying from the sidebar right on the blog page, then pasting it as if I’m writing an entry. Go into HTML and get the code to transfer to your new widget. Cumbersome, but it works.



    Roger that, thanks, sunnis and diamond….

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