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Move Widgets from Footer to Sidebar

  1. Hi,

    I know enough CSS (to be dangerous) to widen the page and to create a side bar/third column. However, I don't know how to move the widgets from the footer to the sidebar. I'm using the "Chunk" theme at


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The CSS upgrade cannot be used to add a sidebar to pages which do not have one already. That would require hacking of the underling PHP script files, which we cannot do on free hosted blog .

  3. Sorry TT, you're wrong. What fauxionista is looking for is possible (but complicated).

  4. I'm able to move them to the side as I want, but it is complicated... once they're there, then it's not possible to scroll in the column they're in. I have adjusted the page width, commented out the footer section, and forced the widget area to the top right with a fixed position and width. (Height as auto doesn't seem to do very much though.) Once that's done and I've "cleared: both", the widgets show up in the position I want, but the column stays at a particular size and isn't scrollable.

    Hopefully that makes sense... all I need to be able to do is to make it so that the column includes the ability to show everything in it. Thoughts?

  5. THAT is not simple. You'd be better off changing themes.

  6. Raincoaster, I most definitely thought about that. By far, the only theme that I have live previewed that fits what I am looking for is the Standard theme but that is a premium theme and costs another $39. I was really hoping to be able to custom the widget to appear as a sidebar instead of at the footer by upgrading my current theme.

    The frustrating thing is even though I filtered the themes to right sidebar, the Standard theme is the ONLY theme that when I live preview it, ACTUALLY shows the widgets on the side. The others either show it right on top or at the footer which defeats the purpose.

    Anyone else able to offer me some advise?

  7. @fauxionista:
    1) Sorry, I'm not willing to work this out for you. The Custom Design upgrade is supposed to come with staff support, so if you wish you can wait for a staff reply. You may have to wait long. Roughly I'd say that to do what you're trying to do I'd simply make #contents and #widgets float left. But you need to change several widths and other details to make this work well.

    2) And actually I agree with raincoaster, first because changing fonts, colors etc is easier than rearranging sections, second because I don't see what's so special about Chunk. What exactly do you really like in it?

    3) Themes with a right sidebar listed here (under "One sidebar", "Two or three sidebars", "Sidebar(s) plus bottom and/or header"):
    (Newest themes not listed - check the red note in my sidebar).
    When you say you previewed other themes and the widgets were at the footer, do you mean themes with a right sidebar? If so, then the preview was affected by the CSS changes you have made. Also, when you preview a theme with a sidebar, it will display its default sidebar items: it cannot display the actual widgets you've added to Chunk. So if you wish to try other themes, better temporarily remove the CSS you've added and activate the themes instead of previewing them. Or see the themes in action here:

  8. Is the Preview of themes actually affected by Custom CSS? That's a serious fail.

  9. @justpi, thank you sooo much for your elaborate answer! I have changed my theme to Journalist instead and am trying to tweak that to work.

    I had to reload the original Chunk and take out my CSS in order to get the other themes to work. Regardless, thank you again for your help! :)

  10. You're welcome (although I don't know if I really deserve your thanks, since I didn't help the way you originally wanted).
    And if what you were looking for was a clean theme, then in my opinion The Journalist is a very good choice!

  11. Is the Preview of themes actually affected by Custom CSS? That's a serious fail.

    Agreed. Plan is to change CSS to per theme in the future.

    And if what you were looking for was a clean theme, then in my opinion The Journalist is a very good choice!

    +1 The Journalist is one of my favorites.

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