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    Does anyone know how I can move my widgets (Author, Instagram) to underneath “Wandering dreams” link on the left side?

    Tried the different sidebars but it stays on the bottom.

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    The blog I need help with is


    Widget placement is controlled by the theme you’ve chosen, and it looks like your theme only allows them below the content and in the footer or on the showcase page. You could find a new theme that offers sidebars in areas that suit you better. If you’re really attached to your current theme, however, you could show excerpts of posts on your home page and limit the number of posts that are shown so that your lower widgets are more visible.


    Hi, thanks for the fast reply! So it would not be possible to do it with CSS?


    I don’t think you could do it with css in this case, because your widget areas are coded right into the footer. No way to move them into the sidebar.



    It’s possible, but it’s complicated. Better select a theme that supports sidebar widgets.


    There isn’t really a good way to do it because the theme is responsive and that means the width varies depending on the width of the viewer’s browser window. In some themes, you can move footer widgets to the sidebar using fixed or absolute positioning with CSS—but it requires that the placement of the moved widgets will be exactly the same every time, and the left menu placement in the Hum theme varies by browser window.

    Also, if you put too much stuff in the left sidebar and use fixed positioning, viewers with small screens wouldn’t be able to see some of it.

    You might be able to approximate the author widget a little bit though. You can add images and text with CSS, but not links. Here is an example that will add your Gravatar and the text from the author widget to the left sidebar in the Hum theme:

    #branding {
    	background: url( 50px 340px no-repeat;
    #branding nav:after {
    	content: "Curious, adventurous, ever-changing and currently busy exploring this wonderful world of ours.";
    	display: block;
    	font-size: .8em;
    	margin-top: 148px;

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