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    If moving a blog from (hosted here) to (paid host), is it possible to somehow backup the database in order to export/import? If so, how?




    Here’s a link for you to read. Please note that there is a search function in these forums that would have found you the answer. It’s covered in the FAQ:)

    Also does not offer hosting. It just provides links to some other hosting companies.

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    Thank you for the link.

    I did actually read the FAQ – it says nothing about backing up or exporting. I also tried searching – using “import”, “export”, “backup”, “” and “” – and found nothing – no results for any of those. Searching “export” does produce replies now; perhaps there was a glitch in the system at the time I searched. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I don’t think I could have screwed up something as simple as typing a term into a search-box.

    And yes, I am aware that does not offer hosting. When I said “ (paid host)”, I meant “ (using a paid webhost)”. I apologise for not being clearer, but I was typing one-handed with a baby in my arms while also trying to cook dinner for four other children, so I hope I’ll be forgiven. I do have several WP blogs with a paid host – some of which have been moved from one host to another – but this question actually relates to a site I’m assisting a friend to set up. It does seem to me that the ability to export from could reasonably be given a fairly high priority; I imagine there are quite a few people using as a “trial” of WP.



    Well, it took the self-hosted version until version 2.0 to incorporate any backup option at all, and it still doesn’t have a functional text export; so, historically, export has never been a priority.

    The argument on the .org forums always used to be ‘why should we help you change from us to another tool’? The same rationale could easily apply to hosting. Hosts don’t want their users to leave and they’re not going to go out of their way to make it easy for them.

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