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    I want to move both my and email followers from my old blog ( to my new blog ( that has Jetpack installed. Is that possible?

    The blog I need help with is



    It is possible to move your email followers. It is not possible to move your followers that are in the Reader: it’s a community-based system, and when you leave the community you must leave it behind.


    But in my new blog Jetpack tab, I can see one follower. How is this possible?



    No idea. Staff have said they can’t move Reader followers, and clearly they haven’t intervened on your blog yet, or they’d have moved your email followers. Maybe that person found the new blog and subscribed independently?


    Thank you! I can live with that.



    Hi there, just to clarify, we can indeed now transfer Reader followers to Jetpack, in addition to email subscribers. This is a recent change.

    But in my new blog Jetpack tab, I can see one follower. How is this possible? followers can add any site’s RSS feed to their Reader, not only sites.

    I’ve transferred your email subscribers and Reader followers, as requested. Just let me know if you need anything else.


    Thank you! I noticed you removed my followers from the old blog, but haven’t seen them in the new one. How long will it take?



    Hi there – the transfer should have taken effect immediately. Where exactly are you looking – do you see them in the Totals, Followers & Shares section here?!/my-stats/


    No, I don’t see them there (this section in the old blog).

    In the new blog, I think I am supposed to see them in the Jetpack tab -> Site stats -> Subscriptions, but I don’t. I only see some followers who subscribed directly to the new blog. Did something go wrong?



    I’ve asked one of our Jetpack developers to take a look at your stats and I’ll keep you posted here.



    I’m going to send you an email to ask you some follow-up questions – please look out for it.


    Ok, thank you!

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