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    I recently moved from to about a month ago. I did not have very much content on my .com blog, so what I did was just install the new blog, and manually entered the new content, I then deleted my old blog.

    When I have been checking Goolge for my keyword search testing, I see that my old blog permalinks, tags, etc. are there, and when one clicks on them, tells them that the user has deleted this blog.

    My question is, is there a way for me to re-open that blog, and just forward the domain traffic to my new location (if so, how do I do this)? Or is there a way to get Google to pick up my new blog location (it has the same content, keywords, etc. as my old blog), but for some reason, Google is showing my old blog.



    No, there is no way to re-open a deleted blog. Google will update eventually, but you can facilitate it reading your new blog by registering at Google Blogsearch.



    Ok, how do I register my blog with Google Blogsearch?



    Google it. Follow the instructions.

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