Moved to bluehost, but old website & domain won't go away.

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    Three weeks ago, I transferred my website to bluehost so I could take advantage of branching out my website the most. So, I purchased hosting on Bluehost and transferred my blog and all of its contents. Changed the DNS Nameservers to bluehost servers and I thought it was all great.

    Until it kept reverting back to the old website randomly despite changed DNS (correct) bluehost nameservers.

    So, I moved my domain I purchased on to bluehost. Did all of the necessary things and it went great…I thought.

    My website is It would randomly keep reverting back to On some computers at different houses and locations, it would flat out refuse to show anything but despite typing in

    I’ve pinged both situations through command prompt and when it’s showing correctly, the IP address is bluehost. When I’m on a computer that isn’t showing it correctly, it’s showing a IP address.

    So, I purchased domain forwarding for to go to Then….I just would either get the correct website….or a DOMAIN MAPPING UPGRADE ERROR.

    So, I -deleted- entirely. Seemed to work for a bit and then it went back to domain mapping upgrade!!!

    When I go to “My Blogs” in, it only lists my backed up old site at But, when I go to my Settings to change primary blog, it lists that….and

    How is that possible?

    I do not want to have anything to do with I’ve completely moved to bluehost to use a functioning installation and I’m not looking back.

    This problem is costing our company a lot of money and major exposure! I’ve been contacting music booking agencies all over the country and it’s a total crapshoot if our website shows up or not!

    Currently, I notice if I’m on my personal wifi, the correct website shows. However, if I switch to my LTE, it goes to a domain mapping upgrade.

    A lot of my employees also only see a domain mapping upgrade. We have a private employee section on the website half my staff hasn’t been able to access in weeks.

    I’ve followed every tutorial to a tee about transfering a site over and did every step possible. This is an advanced DNS error that only the good folks at can solve. I’ve even hired a professional IT web developer and designer and they couldn’t fix it either because its a problem.

    Please, can I get this solved? This is hurting not only my position in the company, but my company as a whole.

    The blog I need help with is



    The blog you specified at does not appear to be hosted at

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    If you don’t understand the difference between and, you may find this information helpful.

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    Above my paygrade but I have flagged this for staff attention to help you

    Did you ever have domain mapping for to

    Normally changing your name servers to the proper Blue Host ones should have moved away from WordPress.COM completely.

    When you change anything on the internet it can take 24 to 72 hours for changes to reach the far corners of the internet and you can have erratic operation during this time – many people panic at this point and start changing lots of things when they should just take a long walk and relax – yes easy for me – not my web site – but I did go through this when I moved two of my sites several times –

    the staff have a good record of sorting these things out


    Yeah, I had domain forward to Not the other way around. The only recent change I made was deleting the blog entirely this morning. Which, it now works on my end, but I’m not sure if it’s working on other’s ends (and with the recent track record, probably not working).




    Please, this is hurting my business



    Hi there – your DNS for looks set up correctly; both name servers are pointing to Bluehost. I’m seeing your self-hosted site here:

    Issues like the ones you describe can sometimes be caused by two things:

    1 – a person or company’s ISP that is not updating its DNS records frequently enough. This usually resolves itself after enough time has passed – sometimes up to 72 hours after DNS changes are made.

    2 – a computer that is caching DNS records for too long, so the old name servers get “stuck.”

    For item 2, you could try flushing the DNS cache of any computers where you’re not seeing the correct site. The method for doing this depends on whether it’s a PC or Mac, and what OS the machine is running. If you let me know the specifics, I would be glad to point you to the instructions for flushing the DNS cache on your machines.

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