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Moved to own URL, now counting my own visits, meh.

  1. I moved my blog from to yesterday. ever since, the stats thing started counting my own visits on the site. is that normal? what can i do? it's biasing the stats. obviously.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Could you try clearing your browser cookies from both and

  3. hmm no didnt work..

  4. just tried to preview a post i'm writing on. doesnt work either. "page not found". looks like "" doesnt recognize me. hmm.

  5. sorry for triple-posting but i cannot edit my previous entry, can i?
    preview and stats work fine when i use chrome, doesnt work when i use firefox. (on a mac). strange.

  6. You should be able to edit previously published posts.

    If things are not working only on Firefox, please try these browser specific troubleshooting tips. (same link on that page)

  7. You can't edit posts made on this forum.

  8. thank you all.

    visit to take your taste in music to the next level

  9. Seems like a lot to go through to leave a self-promotional link.

  10. haha

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