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Move/Movers from Hell

  1. I had to move to a hotel this week, during construction and repair of my home. I told the movers: everything on my desk, items on the bed and my computer were going to the hotel/with me and give me notice before unplugging the power cord from the wall.

    Being men(?), they did not listen. They packed items on my bed, asked why I wanted to take desk things, yanked the cords out of the computer, made a neat little pile of them --asked what I wanted to do with the power cord. I wanted to tell them....

    "Surprise" --couldn't log-on.

    A tech, on the phone: By walking me thru clever diagnosis and using tweezers--I happened to have handy, along with about four dozen other items "movers" didn't see a reason to pack, after the move from hell--got the monitor working. He had me straighten the tiny wires inside the monitor plug, very very gently --too much pressure: wires would break = need a new monitor, cuz monitor cord can't be replaced (--it's built-in). One side of the plug: screw missing, but the other side still had screw and enough thread still attached to get monitor on.

    I choose the hotel because they 'assured' me I could get on the net. The manager: suddenly didn't want me to use dial-up, "that would tie up a line" but he wouldn't mind if I bought an ether card from him. Uhm, no thanks. He said their contractor tech was on his way over, they would send him up. Six hours later, he did, they did.

    He tried all the combinations I had tried, none worked. Then he got a phone cord from his truck, plugged that into one hole of the phone and plugged the existing cord into the other phone slot. He reasoned the existing cord must be for wireless/couldn't handle dial-up. I had re-programmed the set-up to dial "9" for an outside line, re-checked everything and: bingo. Yesterday: Working monitor, on-line = three days, 12 hours.

    So the mystery: why movers do not listen but techies do? Do techies make better friends, lovers, husbands than movers? I suspect: yup! Yeah Techies!

    The other moral of the story: it's not the valid license/no complaints on file/insurnace --those are just the basics. --And Pay NO attention to moving co. salesman who estimates cost of moving, they Will Say Any Thing to get the job. Choose a mover: who LISTENS. It's not fun repeating instructions three --four times and finding valuable things in the trash --cuz they 'decided' it wasn't worth packing.

    And: Never use the mover I used. I told the one doing the kitchen: pack everything under the sink, plumbers have to work there; he decided not to pack things in the drawers, under-sink supplies. They quit before finishing, house has things in every room and all the garden furniture left, but they can't return until Wednesday, when the contractor and all his men will be trying to work... the move from hell.... Hurt my knee, back is killing me, I'm dog-tired, after four days I already loathe eating out.... I need a drink --naturally the "movers" from hell packed the wine and the booze.

    Ah well, the d a V i n e news I'm back on-line, at least I can blog, the last post got 2nd highest feed traffic. The Bad: same movers have to move my things back...guess they'll put it all in one room....

    All Off Topic, but if you ever have to move, maybe the puter stuff will help you.

    Happy Earth Day,

  2. That's nothing. The movers I hired piled cardboard boxes on the vintage gas stove; they caught fire from the pilot light.

  3. OMG! How hideous...did they even realize what they did? What is wrong with the "people" who move furniture? --What, no other kind of job was offered, not even grave-digger, sheesh. It took so long to reply: last screw holding monitor plug broke off, inside the hole. I want every mover to find out what it's like. Today I thought of some things I have not seen for a long time, I think low-life crud who owns the property has been sneaking in and stealing.

    This move and construction/repair was the reason I didn't reply, when you asked me if I'm going to Word Camp. I got too many unknowns, at the moment, to know where I'll be/what I'll be doing.

    Were there important things in the boxes? Could any be salvaged?

  4. defrostindoors

    A friend of mine was moving. She is also legally blind. She called me to ask if I'd sit with her because the movers were making her uncomfortable. When I got to her place, the movers were sitting around outside smoking and laughing. Half an hour later, they came up and got another load. I looked outside. They were sitting around smoking and laughing. Half an hour later they'd toss their butts in the street, take a last slurp of their coffee, and come back up. I said something to them, but it wasn't until my friend's mum showed up and started ripping them a new one (in Arabic no less) than they started to take the job seriously. Feckers were being paid by the hour, too, of course. *fume*

    Perhaps the moral should be, women shouldn't move?! When the bf and I moved we did it all ourselves but would probably hire someone to haul it for us (I don't trust anyone to pack my stuff) should we move again. He's English but perhaps he should learn a few words of invective in Arabic, just in case.

  5. It was all china in the boxes, thankfully. I know for a fact that people getting out of prison are encouraged to apply at movers, because the companies just don't care. That's why it's always worth getting a company that has bonded moving people. Also, do not pay by the hour.

  6. defrostindoors

    Oh lawks yes, DO NOT PAY BY THE HOUR. That's what happened to my friend; they figured they'd milk it as long as possible because it wasn't as if she could monitor them. God, her mother was magnificent that day.

    Nice to know they encourage ex-cons to apply as movers (just the sort of people you want handling your belongings) considering I live in Kingston, the penitentiary capital of Canada.

  7. Hey, I know a guy there...he'll be needing a job in, say, 10-12...

  8. The bf was a guard at Collins Bay for 15 years. We don't love cons in our house. ;)

  9. I'm NOT going to make the pun my friend would make at this point. Nope, I am NOT going to...

  10. The good/bad news: I'm not paying the movers from hell --the low-life crud who owns the property was ordered to pay, by a judge. --All costs of packing, transport and storing plus transporting some things to the hotel, because he is too Stupid to figure out how to do repairs --in eight years. A judge has control of his ankle, with a GPS monitor and house arrest. Judge also ordered him to hire bonded insured things are insured...for $.60 a pound...unfortunately my puter doesn't weigh 500 lb, so it's back to court for the crud. He is so stupid prosecutor ordered him to post $30,000. bond --and she yanked it! Then she ordered him to post another one --and she told my lawyer she is going to yank that one also.

    ~Rain: I'm so glad they were dishes and not clothes. Convicts??? Yikes. THAT does make sense though.

    "People" who would rip-off a blind person: there isn't any scale to measure that low.

    After the earthquake I had to move several times and I found workers to hire at the truck rental place, but I didn't pay them by the hour, just agreed on set price for the whole job. The last one was the worst: they dropped and broke huge gilded antique mirror frame, my bookcase and rear-ended my car. Took 12 long months to reconstruct and glue the frame. Now that I know ex-cons do those jobs, after Movers from Hell move my things back: I'm not moving again till I'm dead.

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