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Movie Discussion #1

  1. Since this is the off-topic section, I figured ill go off topic.
    So has anyone seen the movie Skyline? I just finished watching it, and its not that bad of a movie. I wasnt expecting it to be an outstanding movie, so I guess thats why I liked it. Its not as good as some other alien movies, but its an awesome amateur flick. It comes out tomorrow, so be sure to check it out.
    Its got a few tv actors in it, and some movie actors, but they do alright.
    Again, this is not as good as some other movies, so dont have high standards for it.
    I rate it a 7/10.
    What do you guys think about it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Skyline sounds like a generic title and looks on the preview to be a sort of generic piece of work. For that reason I am holding out for cowboys vs aliens. Speaking of generic work hit me on my virgin fresh blog. [email redacted]

  3. it was ok, not a great movie. Scream 4 was definitely better :)

  4. Skyline was pretty decent, I thought. Better than the SyFy Channel Original Movies, which I have a thing for, so I enjoyed it. I'm definitely excited for "Cowboys vs. Aliens," though, I won't lie.

  5. Cowboys & Aliens looks AMAZING!!!

  6. Science fiction taps into the child in all of us. In some cases the genre could grow up.

  7. 13thfloorgrowingold

    Skyline was better then I thought it would be.It was still pretty bad though.And I haven't seen Scream 4.But littlemissbean you kind of look a little like Emma Roberts in that pic.Cute.

    I just watched Kill The Irishman which was pretty cool.Pretty good gangsta movie.

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