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Movie etc. Reviews: Overused, or Would You Read A New One?

  1. Have movie reviews/tv reviews/book reviews been overdone, or would you read a new one if it ws uniquely written with spunk?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I guess if you love movie you'll be willing to try anything. Personally, not a movie fan, I don't hate but I watch them home and if I don't like it I zap.

    I guess people who watch movies all the ime are always on the lookout for different kinds of reviews.

  3. honestly, I would if I caught it through a search engine when looking for reviews of something in particular, but wouldn't follow one source of reviews consistently.

  4. I'm with luridtalesofdoom on that one.
    I don't really read many reviews...
    I usually just search for the film and choose one of the first few sites that come up. HOWEVER if I did read reviews more I may end up being loyal to one site if it was consistently good information

  5. Actually on second thoughts, I think that like nicstarr I could end end up being loyal to one site, but for me it would have to have a unique style and approach or features being written around the reviews - for instance, I read for the wealth of additional material they write around the themes of recent films - so I guess "uniquely written with spunk" could induce me to read. :)

  6. I would if the particular site isn't cluttered with ads.

  7. I feel like movie reviews are way oversaturated lately...but I never get sick of a good album review, if the writer really focuses on the emotions and stories you take away from each individual song. I like to make "music videos" and scenarios when I first hear a song, so I love hearing other peoples' take on it. Nothing more refreshing than a new perspective! (I know music wasn't listed up there, but I tend to go a bit off topic, sorry)

  8. I review books and movies in my blog...and yes I do read the other's review. I guess if you write reviews you tend to read other people's reviews.

    I especially love reading review of movies/books I have watched/read so that we can make good discussion.

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