Moving a domain to .com and later to .org?

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    I own a domain name and website elsewhere. It’s coming up for renewal and they’re trying to charge me £150 for the year. The site’s not really operational and is a bit rubbish, so I want to shut it down and transfer the domain name to WordPress. I already have a blog so that would be nice and easy, no learning curve or expense.
    However, I would like in due course to make it an e-commerce site. I realise I would need to use .org for that, so I’d like to know, having pointed the domain at, can I later divert it to .org? How difficult would this be and what money would be involved? I’m not very techie.
    (By the way, am I right in thinking there is no e-commerce facility on .com or could I get one by paying extra?)

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Yes, you can go, and then go self-hosted (, all with the same domain name. Going self-hosted is the right thing to do if you are looking into e-Commerce (as there is no possibility of that here, not even with an upgrade).

    As long as you have the same URL structure when going self-hosted, the transition should be seamless for your visitors and for search engines.

    This being said, why not go self-hosted already? Just a thought.



    thanks for the advice. I did think about going self-hosted straight away as you suggest but I don’t have the time right now to get my head around I just need somewhere to park the domain for the time being, to avoid having to pay the huge renewal fee at the existing host, so will do fine for now. Once I get my head round what I want to do with the site in terms of what to sell and so on, I’ll transfer it to .org.

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