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Moving a mapped domain to on bluehost

  1. I have mapped my domain - to and its working great.
    The domain was registered via
    I now want to migrate to a bluehost account that I have already set up and installed the new wordpress 3.0 software on.
    How do I move the site without making it go down (while the name server changes etc). I have looked everywhere and cannot find an answer.
    For clarity, bluehost requires that I map the domain to them. When i do so, and in the period I export my blog etc, I dont want my site to go down. Can someone please help!!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. honestly, its confusing - since i have already mapped my domain to wordpress, step 2 was done by me long back. when i go to go daddy, the name servers are wordpress (since they were set by me). If I tell go daddy to point to bluehost, then the site will go down. so the question is, if I need a round robin solution, where do i send bluehost again?

  3. The site WILL go down until the DNS settles down, which can take a couple of days. It usually works pretty well within an hour or so, though. I am assuming you're changing the nameservers correctly, but ultimately that's not a WordPress issue.

  4. i got it. so, there is no magical way of not letting the site go down...

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