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    2 quick questions any help very appreicated

    Is there a way to move a post to a page?

    If a user is an author and has a page can they add a page ?

    Thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is



    To move a post to a page:I normally just copy and paste the text to a page. So have two windows open: !) to your page 2) to your post. Now copy the text from post window to your page window.

    If everything is copied and you are satisfied, you can delete/trash the post.

    If a user is an author and has a page can they add a page
    I should think so because you have given him/her the privilege though I don’t have such situations in my site..


    Thank you for your help



    Is there no way to literally move it?

    I wanted to do this, this morning, and the post has 81 comments which I would want to be moved as well. Without comments, its not an issue, but with them, it becomes a pest.

    I’ve done a manual copy and directed people to read the previous discussion if required (it probably won’t be) but it would seem to me to be a basic task that should be available as part of a blog.

    Can it be done? Will wordpress consider installing a plugin to allow it to happen?



    Empty post, want notification of followups and I forgot to check the relevant box. :-/



    I am afraid no there is no way to move a post. Pages are static while posts are supposed to be dynamic but can be made into static pages if comments are not solicited.

    Pages can have comments but people don’t like to enable this feature.

    Depending on how many posts you are trying to “move”, I would have thought that copying and pasting is the only way to do this. Have two windows open and in one window have your post and in another have a blank page. Ideally both could be in HTML format so that you can copy the relevant sections with tags.

    Hope this helps but always posts back with further questions.



    For this particular post (which is now a page, and only one was needing to be “moved”) I want comments enabled, because people keep coming back to it to report on progress, ask more questions, and so forth. Its easier for them to find it, if its linked separately, which it now is, as a page, with a link in the top navbar. I do know how to copy and paste, been doing it for over 20 years (also, I indicated in my first post that I had done that, and directed people to the previous discussion if they needed to read it)

    Thanks for your input :)

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