Moving A premium theme from one blog to another

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    I have the premium theme crisp with one of my blogs at I no longer want to use that blog and instead would like to use that crisp theme in my new blog. But, I do not no how to do this. Can anybody help?
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Are both blogs registered under the sane username account?
    What are the URLs for these blogs starting with http://?




    First, both blogs are registered under the same username account.

    The first blog was and the second blog is

    However, I fear that I’ve complicated this even further.

    I started a new site and ported the domain name from my blog to my site.

    That all went fine. So now, my old site can only be accessed by me in my dashboard. And when I looked at my old site’s dashboard, I can see my Crisp Them right there.

    But then I decided I wanted to use the Crisp theme for this blog After doing some initial looking around for an answer, I decided to export my old blog’s info into my new blog. I did that, and it went well. Except…that I was hoping the theme would get ported over as well. But it did not.

    Thus, I am stuck.

    Again, the old blog was (but now when you go there you see my new blog so not sure if that will help) and the new one is

    My objective is to get my blog to run the Crisp theme without having to purchase it again. Thanks!



    premium themes are purchased for a single blog only and for the lifetime of that blog here at I flagged this thread for Staff support. Please be patent while waiting.



    Thanks alot for your help. I didn’t know that about premium themes. But thanks again!



    re: premium themes see >
    You’re welcome.

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