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    Dear WP friends,

    I would like to ask you an usual question: what do you think about moving my site from self-hosted to

    Let me explain better: I’m currently running a simple business site powered by WordPress on my site with self hosting. I’m completely unsatisfied with it: it’s slow, it has technical issues and this could really damage my image resulting in potential client loss.

    I’m thinking about restarting everything on and starting a proper blog to increase my search rankings. If I enter my domain name on the dashboard will the redirect be immediate? What do you think about it?

    Thanks, cheers,




    No, you’ll need the domain mapping upgrade. And you will need to Export content from your existing site and Import it to your new blog.

    As well, it depends what you want to do. If you use iframes or javascript or a lot of Flash, is not the place for you, as those codes are stripped out for security reasons. If you do ecommerce, you won’t be able to do that here except in the most rudimentary way via the Paypal Donate button (and no other button of any payment kind whatsoever).

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