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    Hello and I want to thank you in advance. I’ve been with WP for about six years or longer. I have just taken a bold step and I’m trying to get savvy with my newest them: Clean, Home, Whatever; however, I did not elect to go with the Customization version.

    I am desirous of either removing the page links drop down from the top of my blog and hopefully moving them to a sidebar or another place. But I’m lost. I would like to see the blog Title, Tagline, and my new Header ONLY, just before the first article. Can you assist me?

    The blog I need help with is


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    You can make a custom menu with the other navigation tabs you now have on the top navigation bar. Then put that new custom menu into a “custom menu widget” in your sidebar.


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    Oh, and of course you’ll need a second custom menu for your top navigation which would include no links. That will allow you to show only

    blog Title, Tagline, and my new Header


    I’m moving one of onemorecup’s help requests from another thread to this one:

    Hi! I have been searching and cannot find how to change the following on my blog, please let me know how or if not possible, let me know too. I have the “Clean Home” theme. Thanks!
    (1) What I am desirous of concerns my custom header. If one were to view my blog immediately under the title and tagline are 12 pages representing a volume of other entries of interest.
    (2) What I want to do is REMOVE them from where they are – so that my custom header image will be right below the tagline; and therefore my most recent post will be directly under that. I thought I had it last night (actually 4:30 am – EST New York) and I ended up removing borders and subsequently all of the text.
    (3) Interestingly enough I was only browsing themes and when I closed them I had inherited the Clean Home theme and now I am just trying to work with it.
    Please, I am willing to do the work, I am just at the nerve’s end with this one right now. Thanking you in advance.

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