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    My husband and I shared a blog. I accidentally created my own still logged in under his account… I have done the A B thing suggests to add myself as an admin so that I who am now the blogger of can access it an edit.

    BUT I want it to be only mine and not still have the other blog listed under my account. Without deleting anything permanently.
    I also want to be able to register it with Google Reader but when I add it, the original blog is added, not my new one.

    Please help.



    As I understand it, you just want to move the content from your old blog onto the new one right?

    Export out the content from your old blog at Dashboard -> Manage -> Export. Save it to your desktop as a *.xml file and using the All Files option. IE defaults to wanting to save it as a webpage.

    Import in into your hubby’s blog at Dashboard -> Manage -> Import.

    Hope this helps,

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