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    I’m using to host my free blog, so is it possible somehow to move my blog to another new server aand still keep all my posts, comments, links ect? if so then how? Thanks!

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    You could start by reading this

    You have not specified where you intend to move your blog to. If you have hired a web host and that host downloads a free blog template from then the contents of your blog can be easily imported into it. If that is the case this may be helpful wordpress blog import and export
    In the old blog click Manage -> Export -> and save the file
    In the new blog click Manage -> Import -> and upload the file
    This does not move any pictures or other uploads though – you have to do that manually.


    I intend to move my blog to TopClassHosts, so can I still move it? Thanksfor replying by the way!



    If you read the first link TT gave you, you’ll see you can still move it, but it might not be as smooth.


    Ok thanks! Just asking but what do you mean by ‘not be as smooth’. What problems might I face? Just would like to know before I go and pay for my hosting. Thanks a lot!


    Anyone help me a little more? I would truley appreciate it! Thanks!



    It really is simple to move the content. Got the impression from your blog at that you don’t have many images. Once you leave you will not be supported here, but there is lots of support at and that is also the place that you download wordpress from. The link that timethief gave you shows you how to export you content. It again is at this FAQ and there is many other articles on moving to another host with these articles.

    Hope that helps.




    /nod to Trent

    The link I provided above for importing from a blog into a wordpress template downloaded from is “broken” so here it is again importing and exporting wordpress blogs

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