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    I’m intending to move my blog to a new address. What will happen to my old blog once I make the change? If I choose not to delete it, does that leave me with an empty blog where I can post something along the lines of ‘This blog has moved to’ so I can direct people to the new address?

    Also, do people who follow my blog get deleted and then have to re-follow my blog at the new address, or do they automatically get transferred over? Is there anything else that doesn’t get transferred over that I should know about?


    The blog I need help with is


    Please read all these Changing a Blog Address steps very carefully and particularly note this one:

    The final option presented on this screen allows you to discard your current address. This option will permanently disable the address and you will not be able to reuse it. Only select this option if you are sure you will not use the address again. If you want to redirect traffic to the new blog, you can keep the address and purchase the Site Redirect upgrade.


    thistimethisspace: But I mean, what if I choose not to discard my current address? What happens to it then? Am I able to leave a notice of address change like I said?


    Gorgive me for being terse but I’m in a hurry an must leave in moments time.

    Bottom line: whether or not you discard your original blog, Google clears their caches every 3 – 6 months. Every link here in Google will be broken and when visitors click it they will experience a 404 (page not found) unless you purchase a site upgrade. If you don’t care about that then fon’t purchse one. if you do then buy it.


    ***headesk*** I’m sorry about the typos. :(


    OK, you’re starting to confuse me more. I’m not worried about links to my old content, what I’m asking is is it possible to post new content to my old address if I don’t discard the old address? I’m talking about leaving a notice to visitors to manually visit the new address, not automatically redirecting them to the new address.

    So you’re absolutely sure that I will not be able to continue to post at my old address (a change of address notice) once I’ve transferred the data to a new address?

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