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Moving blog to web host

  1. I have added a domain to my blog - it was formerly, now it's I'd like to move it to a different webhost, possibly Go Daddy. Has anyone had experience with this? Once I've paid for webhosting, is it a fairly simple process to transfer my blog and domain straight over?

    Any advice would be much appreciated

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Tens or hundreds of thousands of people have experience with this. It's a simple process.

  3. Thanks Raincoaster

    By exporting the blog, do I also get to keep the same theme and look? And do you recommend a free guided transfer @ $129 or is it quite easy to do yourself?

    Thanks again

  4. You do not get to keep the same theme, but there are thousands available for, some almost identical. I don't know your level of comfort with the process, so I can't say what is best for you, but I suggest trying it on your own and if that fails, then buying the guided transfer.

  5. Cheers! Last question - the main reason I'm thinking about moving to a separate web hoster is to one day monetize my website. In your opinion, does WordAds have any serious earning potential? Or would you earn more money with something like Adsense

  6. No, it doesn't. Neither does Adsense, really.

    Unless you are reliably getting a thousand hits a day, OR it is a very lucrative niche, like actual high fashion purchasers or Apple fanboys, it's unlikely ads of any kind will even cover your hosting bills.

  7. I started this blog two weeks ago and am getting close to 1000 views a day. If i got serious about it, I could get close to 5000 views a day. Do you think 5000 views/day could make me a bit of money on the side through Adsense? It's about mixed martial arts, so re: ads I'm guessing we're talking gloves, clothing, memorabilia

  8. If you're really getting that much, you're a fool to think about Adsense. You should be talking to ad networks like Blogads, Federated Media, etc. And doing affiliate marketing with Amazon and other suppliers, which you also cannot do here. At that level, yes, you can make a decent supplementary income with blogs.

  9. In other words, instead of talking about 2% of sales, you should be talking 6-10% of sales.

  10. Ok, thanks very much for your time. This is really the first day I've started thinking about it so please excuse my ignorance. Apparently I can't transfer my domain for 60 days anyway (because I just registered it?) so perhaps the best thing I can do is take that 60 days to educate myself. I'll definitely look into those networks and affiliate marketing. Would love to keep picking your brain about this stuff because I know nothing, but you've been a great help

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