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Moving blog to WordPress

  1. I am a relative newcomer to blogging and am seriously considering moving my Blogger blog to WordPress, but have a few queries about the process. I have already set up my WP template and imported my posts and comments, but have set the blog to private. Can anyone advise what is the best way to open the blog and get it indexed by the search engines, without creating duplicate content on the web? I can't set my Blogger blog to private as I would need to point my followers to the new location.

    I would be grateful for any tips from those who have done this.

  2. There are two ways you can do this:

    1) You can put a javascript redirect on your Blogger site that sends everyone going there to your blog instead.

    or 2) You can set all your Blogspot blog except one static page to private. That page will say "thanks, but we've moved. Find us at" or words to that effect. This is what I did when I moved one of my blogs off, and you can see it at

    If the Blogger content is public at the same time as your content, you will be penalized for duplicate material.

  3. Gosh, thanks, raincoaster. That was quick! :-) I thought duplicate content would be penalised, so it's very useful to have this confirmed.

    I am no techie, so a javascript redirect is way beyond me, but I'll check out whether it's possible to leave just one static page visible on Blogger as you suggest. I'm afraid I couldn't see the redirect page you mention on your own old blog as it's set to private.

  4. Javascript redirect is just a little prefab bit of code you drop into your Blogspot code. You can probably just google for it and adapt it by putting YOUR URL in instead of the template one.

    Sorry about that link. I thought I'd left that one post Public.

  5. Nope, you've lost me now, raincoaster. I know how to do javascript widgets on Blogger because that's just cut and paste into the widget box, but I have no idea how to access Blogspot code or what to do if I managed to get there. I'm strictly a WYSIWYG blogger and not a young one at that. Still, you've given me ideas, so thanks for that. I'll go off and do a bit more research....

  6. Thanks again, raincoaster. I've just spent an interesting half-hour readfing this and related posts, but it looks like something that will only work on or a self-hosted WP blog. As I'm with I can't use a handy plug-in like this. Bit I did learn something, thanks. :-)

  7. Because you're using it in your Blogspot blog and it directs to WordPress, the javascript isn't an issue, I believe. But I'm no code hacker either, I could be wrong.

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