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    I’d like to get rid of my blogroll so the first page of my blog looks cleaner. But I don’t want to just delete all my links to favorite sites because I want them accessible as a resource to readers. So I’ve decided to put those links onto a separate page (the kind that lives next to the “about” tab). Not wanting to retype the whole list of sites that makes up my blogroll, I was hoping there might be a simple way to move my blogroll links into this separate page.

    Has anyone ever done this? I did a search for this topic, but couldn’t find anything helpful.

    Thanks in advice for your help!



    When I exported out of one wordpress MU blogging platform and then imported the same blog contents to another wordpress MU blogging platform the Blogroll links had to be imported separately in an independent file.

    You can export the contents of your blog (posts, comments, categories) in the form of an xml file to your desktop and then import the xml file into the other blog site. But the blogroll links must be separately exported in OPML format and you can export them out to your desktop at
    `http://mydomain.tld/wp-links-opml.php’ (You must change “my domain” to your own url.) You then open that exported blogroll (links) xml file in a plain text editor like NotePad and save as a *.txt file and it’s ready for uploading.

    Now the FAQs blog says:

    What filetypes can I upload?
    Currently you can upload the following: jpg jpeg png gif pdf doc ppt

    And, there is a thread in the forum search box where drmike confirms with Mark (Podz) that “txt” files ought to be included in that list too. So I’d say it seems like there is a way to get all your links into a txt file and upload them into a page. I’ll leave it to you to run this idea by staff.



    I remember sometime ago when allowed links/blogrolls are allowed to be placed in a single page.

    That feature is now gone. Can someone confirm? (maybe moderators)


    some themes have a ‘links’ page template, so that you can write a page using that template, and it will show your blogroll. i know both sandbox and tarski have the template, i’m not sure which others.

    the other option is to simply copy your blogroll and paste it into a new page.



    This link will take your to theme reviews and there you can uncover which themes have a “links” page template.



    Many thanks to all for these very helpful suggestions. (TT — I don’t know how you do it! You’re so consistently present here and responsive to the community’s needs. I’m very grateful to you for that.) I did manage to export my links to my desktop using the method TT recommended — they need to be cleaned up before I can put up that page (i.e., although the title of the blog and its url show up on that exported page, the title and url aren’t linked, if that makes any sense. What you get is this: “blogtitle” — and so I have to go through and highlight the blog title and then cut and paste its url to make a link.) Nevertheless, a little cutting and pasting is nothing compared to having to retype everything!

    Sunburntkam — I’ve been looking for an excuse to try tarski on my main blog. It’s a wonderful, clean good-looking theme. This might be the thing that pushes me over the edge. Thanks for that tip.



    YAY! My idea was workable. Thanks for the thanks and best wishes. :D



    You’re very welcome! And thanks again to everyone for their quick responses. I’m looking forward to cleaning up my site a little, using this information.




    Thanks for the post on exporting and importing the Blogroll. Worked just perfectly!



    You’re welcome and thanks so much for saying thanks. :D

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