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    I want to move czhokej’s comment from here:

    To here:

    I tried a simple cut & paste but it made it look like my post. I looked in ‘Edit’ but couldn’t find anything. Am i SOL or is there a way to do it?

    The blog I need help with is



    It’s easy, actually.

    Copy the entire comment from your dashboard, including the email/URL info, then sign out, then go as an un-signed-in user to the place where you want it, and fill in the username and email and paste in the contents of the comment.

    I STRONGLY advise you not to do this without the permission of the commenter.


    Yes, comments on blogs are the property of the commenter.



    Thanks for trying but it isn’t there and I don’t understand. You cannot make instructions explicit, simple and step by step enough for me.

    I totally don’t understand the STRONG advice.



    Well, you don’t own the copyright on that comment, the commenter does. So if you move it, and they get pissed off, they can go after you. And people will get pissed off about nearly anything online.



    Wow! Guys, “comments on blogs are the property of the commenter” notwithstanding, the commenter doesn’t have a right to location, appearance or presentation. Entirely separate issues.



    LOL raincoaster, they can bring it on and I hope they have some money. I am a civil Law & Motion Clerk in California with 12 years experience. So yeah, they can “come after me” all day long.

    In fact if you know some of those loosely hinged whack jobs with money, please send them a link to my site. The operative words are “have money.”


    The commenter placed the comment on a specific post or page (mistakenly or not). In cases where I think the commenter put the comment on the wrong page, I’ll contact them and ask as a courtesy, or suggest the comment might be more appropriate on another post.

    Which way that would all go in a court is anyone’s guess. It all depends on where they draw the line in the sand.



    Wait u b reported as spammer.

    A Law clerk, brad? Pretty intimidating, I’d say. Not as intimidating as a paralegal, but still…

    You can listen to us or not, but if you don’t, you can’t say we didn’t warn you.


    Plugins cannot be used at



    Actually raincoaster, A lowly clerk like me is similar to a paralegal except that I don’t hold my nose at he proper height, never intentionally talk down to people, always recognize and respect what I don’t know and am not restricted by California Biz. & Professions Code Sec. 6450 through 6454, inclusive or by the NALA code of ethics. Occasionally I am directed by attorneys to identify myself as their paralegal and I accept the demotion in the spirit of wearing many hats.

    The Law and Motion part was a clue.

    Warning duly noted thesacredpath. And I do understand where the line is drawn for techies. You guys are kept chained inside a cage in a fenced yard with a Beware of Techie sign on the entrance gate.

    What I’ve done is decided it’s okay to let techie roam free inside the cage ;)

    Now back to the original question. i went to the dashboard. Saw the comment clicked on the comment and it took me to he edit page of the entire post. I don’t want to move the entire post, just the comment.

    I know I’m not easy guys but I’m worth it ;) learn to ‘splain it to me and you teach tech to a monkey.

    Again thank you for your patience and your technical advice and assistance.


    Go to dashboard comments. Hover your mouse over the excerpt body copy in the comment you want to change. Click “edit” from the line of links that appears.

    Copy the email address, website URL (if included) and the comment it self out and into a plain text file. Log out of wordpress. Go to your blog and to the post where you want to put the comment and then paste the stuff into the appropriate fields and click save or submit or whatever your theme says.

    Now go back and delete the original comment.

    Easy peasy.


    Oh and we are volunteers. There is no wordpress guide for volunteers. We sign no contracts and the only hammer wordpress has to hold over our heads would be banning us from the forums which few of the volunteers here really worry about. So as far as that fenced in area, that is thing for political rallies and hockey games (although those use lexan instead of chain link fencing.



    Rich, just so you know. I intend to leave a note that the post is moved, why it was moved and a link to the new location.


    I think that is a good idea Brad.



    Well it didn’t work. Logging out was very scary but I trusted and I did and I even got back in WHEW man.

    When I got to the location where I wanted to paste the comment, it said ‘You must be logged in to post a comment. Catch 22.


    OK then you have your blog set up so that people have to be logged in to to comment. Go to settings > discussion and under “Other comment settings” deselect “Users must be registered and logged in to comment” and click save (switch it back after making the comment). Then log out, clear your browser cache and cookies, go to the post make the comment and then you can log back in and switch it back so that people have to be logged in to comment (if that is what you really want).


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