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moving comments with content

  1. Currently, if content gets shifted or moved, the comments do not follow, which means that they are not readable by the public. This seems like something that can easily be remedied by wordpress.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What do you mane by shifted? We can export our content out of our blogs and import it into another blog. That XML file will contain your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, categories, and tags.

    However, if you mean that you published a Page (all pages sit outside the blog structure), rather than publishing a Posts (Posts are within the blog structure) or visa versa there is no automatic way to move the content and comments. It's a copy and paste job. If that's what you mean then scroll down to "Moving Comments" here >

  3. edit: "mane" above was meant to be "mean"

  4. If what you mean is that comments do not display below posts on the front page of our blogs then that's normal behavior and it cannot be "edited" It's in the core of WordPress.

    Just imagine how long the front page of your blog would be if the answer was “yes” and you had lots of comments on all posts on your front page. It would be a mile long and the page loading time would "time out" on your visitors.

    The front page is meant to showcase the number of posts you choose to enter here > Settings > Reading. There will be a comments link above, below, or next to each post for your visitors to click. Once clicked the form will open and the commenters’ identification data can be entered and submitted. When the title of the post is clicked it will display the post on a separate page of it’s own along with all the approved comments displaying below the post.

  5. i had 5 different people tell me i was out of luck on adding the comments made back to a particular post. timethief.. you are the first one to give me a solution. thank you.. i posted the comment as my own and then went in and edited it to remove my information. Perfect. Thanks!!

  6. I'm so glad what I posted was helpful. You're welcome. :)

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