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Moving company website to WordPress

  1. I currently work for a small company, we have a website that we use Joomla! to maintain. I don't like Joomla! at all and I think WordPress seems a little more user friendly.

    We already have everything set up and have been using Joomla! for years. We have our own domain name for our site as well.

    Is it possible to make the switch? And is it possible for us to build the site on Word Press (we're okay with starting from scratch) while the old site is still live, and then make the domain switch?

    (It may take us a few weeks to get the WordPress site looking good, since we've never really used it. So we want our old site to stay intact until we are finished. And we want to keep our domain name.)

    Thank you so much for any information!

  2. I assume that you mean and not a standalone install of the WordPress software? Best read this first to make sure we're both talking apples:

    As far as importing from Joomla, I don't see that has a dedicated importer for it, but if you can export your content into one of the other services mentioned here, you should then be able to use their export utility to import into WordPress (either com or standalone).

  3. Please read the terms of service very carefully to make sure if you move to WordPress.COM that what you want to do is permitted - as noted above (but often skipped over) what can be done here is very different than on your existing host or a WordPress.ORG install - several things are very limited here or not allowed - so please check carefully and clarify things by asking in the forum if you have any questions at all

  4. @auxclass - Excellent advice!

  5. My pleasure - they have many options - they can do a WordPress.ORG install on their existing host (assuming their host supports WordPress) - that is what I did originally and then moved onto the .ORG install and finally moved to WordPress.COM to make my life simpler

    I did not want them to do the work twice - no link to their existing site so no way of knowing how large it is - or if they do e-commerce (not allowed here) on the site - if it is small they might be able to just copy the html from their existing pages and paste it into the text side of the editor - if they need script for something - again not allowed here but we have some great Widgets that might work for them and some workarounds also

  6. Hi everyone,

    Thank you for the advice! Our site is not e-commerce, it's just a collection of photos and information about the company and the work we've done.

    Since we are starting over with a new site, I think I may want to just start fresh with new content and layout. The only thing I'm concerned about is... is it possible to start on the site while the other one is still live? And if so, is it possible to switch the domain name to the new site once we are finished with it?

    Those are the two things I'm not really clear on.

    Thanks again!!

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