Moving email subscribers with Jetpack

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    Hi WP,

    I purchased a domain ( for my WordPress blog ( a couple of months ago, and have now moved it onto Dreamhost. Could I please have my email followers moved over? I have Jetpack installed already :)

    Also, could you confirm what will happen to my blog? I *think* I have a redirect set up so that it all redirects to my new content. Does that old blog stay active and search indexed? (I’m slightly confused as they both have the same domain… What options are there – leave as is, make private, stop search engines listing it?)

    The blog I need help with is



    I have transferred your email subscribers as requested.

    As long as your domain mapping upgrade is active, all traffic (including search engine traffic) will be redirect from to

    When your domain mapping upgrade expires, you might want to either switch to a Site Redirect upgrade (same price, easier to manage), make your blog private, or delete it.

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