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moving email subscriptions from .com to .org

  1. My blog is being changed from MYFAMILYISNOTBROKEN.WORDPRESS.COM to MYFAMILYISNOTBROKEN.WORDPRESS.ORG and I need to know how to move the subscribers who are subscribed to this to the new site. Please help as soon as possible
    Blog url:

  2. bryanvillarin


    In order for us to help transfer the subscribers, you'll need to 1) setup your self-hosted ( site with your own domain, and 2) install and activate the Jetpack plugin, making sure to connect to your existing account.

    Once Jetpack is activated and connected to, please reply with your new site URL and we'll transfer your subscribers.

  3. Re : Jetpack is set up. Please let me know what to move ALL email subscribers and Is there a way to redirect to the new URL? Thank you

  4. Ok Bryan - I think I am all set- please please pretty please transfer all my loyal email subscribers as soon as you can and let me know
    RE : Jetpack is set up. Please let me know what to move ALL email subscribers and Is there a way to redirect to the new URL? Thank you

  5. By the way Bryan I have already paid WordPress the $13 to redirect from my old site - so your piece I think is the last and final piece
    Cant wait - thank you

  6. I have moved your subscribers as requested.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  7. Thank you but when I published a post no one received it from my email subscribers- please advise as I really want to make sure this happens correctly and it does not seem that it has unless there is a lag time?

  8. There may be a little of lag time, but please make sure that they check their spam folders too.

  9. please someone out there in the world of WORDPRESS help me to transfer properly my beloved and loyal subscribers. No one got my last post.
    Please someone show off their knowledge, be my hero and MAKE IT HAPPEN

  10. In the Site Stats section of your blog's Dashboard, there is a link near the bottom left which points to a list of your subscribers. Are they all listed there?

  11. ok somehow now it works! Thank you but I have another important question
    1. how do we create a teaser segment in the email inbox of the subscribers? My old did this automatically but this one does not. It says read mor of this post at the bottom and then they have to click in- otherwise they do not go to my site. Please help
    2. Also is there any way to republsih a post and send it out to subscribers?

  12. @nancy1963
    We provide support here only to those with issues on free hosted blogs. You must register a username account at on the top right hand corner of this page so you can post all your support questions that pertain to your install there, as we don't answer those questions here.

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