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Moving followers from .com to .org.

  1. Hi, just curious if it's possible to move my blog followers from to my new .org blog?
    Blog url:

  2. You need to install the jetpack Plug-in then request the staff to move your subscribers to your new site - the staff will also need to know the URL where you moved to.

    I will flag this for staff attention to help.

  3. Thank you. I've got Jetpack installed/activated. Just need to figure out how to make the request with staff. Cheers for the help!

  4. I'm guessing the only way to let staff know this is via this post. If that's the case (pardon my ignorance!), my new URL is

    Also I'm wondering if there's a practical way to transfer the blogs I follow on my .com account so that my new .org account is following them too?

    Again, thanks for any help!

  5. I have transferred your subscribers as requested. is just software, not a full blogging service like, so there's no Reader. Can can still use ours, or switch to an RSS reader, like or

  6. Thank you very much! I truly appreciate your help, and so quickly as well. Cheers.

  7. You're welcome!

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