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    hi wordpress, i need help!

    I recently transferred my to in I would like to ask help to transfer my followers from my mommycuddlediary blog to my mommytechie blog. And will the jetpack plugin move my stats from one blog to another?

    hoping for your response. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is


    Hey there –

    If you have not already, please install the Jetpack plugin. I will tag this thread for staff assistance. Once you install jetpack, staff will be able to transfer both your subscribers and stats for you. Please subscribe to this thread and they will contact you once the transfer is complete!


    Yes, i already installed the Jetpack plugin in my self-hosted blog, I hope the jetpack staff can help
    Me transfer my subscribers and stats. :(



    Your subscribers and email followers have been transferred as requested.

    Please note that any followers who opted to receive email updates will need to re-subscribe again on your new site through the Jetpack signup box, otherwise they’ll only see new posts in their Reader. email subscribers will continue to get email updates.

    You might think about setting up a Site Redirect for your site at to send your site visitors to your new domain. Otherwise, people will still be able to subscribe on your old site.

    I’ve also merged your stats for you.


    Hi jackiedana!

    Thank you so much for transferring my stats and followers. The site redirect is the $13 i need to pay in the WordPress shop right that will redirect my visitors to my new site? Am i correct? :)


    And if i do the site redirect, do i need to erase my blog so that the search engine wouldn’t find it and find instead?



    The site redirect is the $13 i need to pay in the WordPress shop right that will redirect my visitors to my new site? Am i correct? :)

    yes Correct

    And if i do the site redirect, do i need to erase my blog so that the search engine wouldn’t find it
    DON’T DELETE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The site redirect will send visitors and search engines to your new site and tell the search engines that you have moved, so they will start updating their records – If you delete your – you are screwed (sorry about the language – but that is what happens)

    You can set the site to Private to keep everyone out

    Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> Visible to only those I choose

    Then the blog will just sit there waiting for you if you want to use it for something in the future


    Thanks for the reply! I was really hesistant to erase my blog even though my friend suggested it. She said that having duplicate post may affect my Pr standing in the search engine. Is she correct? And if i set my blog to private, will the search engine still find it or will it automatically redirect to my new blog? :)



    If you get the site redirect, no one will be able to access your site and Google will not crawl it. Everything will redirect to

    If you do not purchase site redirect, you should set your site to private if you do not wish to have any further visits to the site.


    Should i set my site to private now even if i haven’t purchased the site redirect yet? I still need to find paypal funds to pay for it since i already consumed my money for the buying the hosting and domain name. Is there any discount coupon for the site redirect?



    If you set your current site to private, no one will be able to view it. Your traffic will pretty much stop at that point, and Google will remove you from their search listings.

    If that’s your final plan, you should go ahead and do it whenever you’re ready, but if you have a decent following and don’t want to lose them, I’d put up a post announcing you’re moving your site and otherwise leave things alone until you can get the redirect.


    Hi again jackie! i already bought and paid for the site redirect and as of now its already working. thanks for the advice! I just have another question, while moving my blog to my blog, a reader commented on one of my posts on my (post about instagram rate limit exceeded), how can i move that new comment to my blog?



    I’m not able to move the single comment over, but you can ask that reader to repost it on the new blog.


    I already solved the problem. :)

    By the way, i already purchased the site redirect, but why is still there error 404 on my other blog posts?



    Hi there – for the redirect to work for your Permalinks, the Permalink structure on your new site will have to match the structure on the old. In Settings->Permalinks, choose “Day and name.”

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