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    Several years ago a friend agreed to host my blog, but now I need to move it from his page to so I have complete control.

    When I contact support privately (giving them the log-on address), the auto response said that the blog is not mine. I tried to start over and reinstall with, and the auto response there said the blog name has already been taken.

    I have copies of the cache and can prove the blog is mine, if only I could contact a live body.



    Well, it won’t help to contact a live body (that’s not me; I died many years ago and only manifest as a disembodied consciousness online) until you give us the exact URL of the blog you are talking about, starting with http.


    I Googled (“Muliebral Viewpoint” account recovery) and found my blog several places you see below. I used the tiny drop down button next to the domain name to get the cache of each lesson and they were right on; however, if I click on the name Muliebral Viewpoint it takes me to another blog, Muliebral Studies.

    I believe that the owner of the website has pointed it that way, but he will not answer me one way or another. Earlier, I asked him to let me move the blog so I would be in control, but he did not think that was a good idea. When I asked him if he could delete it from his webpage this is the result.

    You can see by these links that I do indeed own a blog called Muliebral Viewpoint, but when I click on that name it shoots me to one of my other blogs.

    My request to you: Can you find a way to get into (open) that blog so that I can export my lessons and pictures? From there I can try to move it to

    Frustrated, Beth



    If he owns that blog, then you cannot have it. Unfortunately, if the admin won’t let you export the contributions you made to the blog, you’re stuck.


    He only owns the website where it has been hosted. I own the blog and have been the only author of all entries.

    Can you tell when it was moved from WordPress to his site?


    Did I forget to subscribe to follow-up posts or is this all you can tell me?



    That is a WordPress.ORG install running MU – you state that you want to move to a WordPress.ORG install with your own hosting

    The blog you are asking about is not hosted on WordPress.COM so there is no content here and WordPress.COM can’t help –

    If the blog owner – the person that is hosting the blog for you will not give you your material you are probably looking at hiring a lawyer –

    Since that is a WordPress.ORG install – maybe someone has a hint on how to get content from a blog owner that does not want to give you your material – depending on the agreement you had with the blog site holder you might still own the copyright to your own material – but getting it back can be a problem


    You mention hiring a lawyer. I am not one to start wars, so perhaps the best thing for me to do is to create a new blog and go from there.

    One more question: I already have a free domain with another blog. How to I start a new blog on that domain? If you could just point me to a tutorial link, that would be wonderful.

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