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Moving from .com to .org on personal domain

  1. I was wondering if there is an easy way to move my WordPress blog, hosted at the .com to my Personal domain using I've installed it and I'm playing with it, but if possible I don't want to have to do everything again!

  2. Earlier is better than later, you're absolutely right, and since your page rank is 0 and you've only got a few months of posts, you probably won't feel as much Google pain as a more established blogger.

    It's a simple matter of hiring a host and using the export function in your dashboard to export your posts and import them into the new blog. The hosts featured at offer "1-click" setups, in that your WordPress software will be installed without any downloading or uploading on your part.

  3. Is there any way to easily export my layout though? All my widgets and such? And the images in my posts?

  4. Actually I've got almost 3 years of posts that I've imported from other blogs. Can I export them all in one go or is there a limit?

  5. You would have a new theme. I've already forgotten which one you use, but it's likely available at .org or a similar one. Your text, links and blogroll can be exported. Widgets would have to be rebuilt and images transferred manually. There might be a limit but I doubt you're anywhere near it. I've read of huge export files here.

    btw, those dogs are darn cute!

  6. Speaking of widgets, most of the ones you're familiar with here will be available. Your "behind the scenes" experience will be almost identical. (I'm going through this right now with one of my blogs.)

  7. Thanks for your help! I'll poke around in my dashboard and see if I can make this easier on myself. Thanks again.

  8. You're very welcome. Happy blogging.

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